Looking to Buy a Sailboat? - Read On!

Imagine a sailboat so quick, it may still beat all Transpacific records, even though two decades of hard ocean racing that began in 1977. A muddy grey, blue-green color, this fiberglass rocket ship has a sort of aristocratic and aquiline nose, and wears some narrowly tailored tails, showing a shapely, yet narrow butt aft. Its mast was twice the size of its length, measuring in at about 135 feet. Archeological digs dating from 1500 BC have unearthed Amerindian presence in small settlements around Anguilla. Likewise, remains of Arawak villages settled around the time of Christ have also been discovered. With more than 40 sites dotted around the island, Anguilla is probably the most archeologically interesting places in the Caribbean. Although Columbus missed this tropical isle on his trips on the New World, other Spanish explorers gave the island the Spanish name for eel because of its long, thin shape. British settlers arrived at 1650 using a small selection of of slaves with the exp